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Calendar issues when using Outlook with both an Office 365 / Exchange account and an IMAP account.

April 30, 2015

I’m a Microsoft Outlook user who typically has both a personal and a work email account connected to Outlook simultaneously. In the past, both of these accounts have been Office 365 or Exchange accounts and have cohabitated fairly well. Recently however, my work account switched from Office 365 to Google Apps and then the weirdness started.

First I should mention that (short of using the seemingly defunct ActiveSync connection at you can’t connect your Google Apps Calendar to Outlook. So sorry, thanks for playing. You can however enable IMAP and then connect just the email account. After doing so however, something strange started to happen. Every meeting invite I would receive would show up on my Office 365 calendar in addition to my Google Calendar (when viewed from the web or iPhone app of course since it wasn’t available in Outlook.)


In order to disable this behavior, I discovered an Outlook setting in “Outlook Options > Mail > Tracking” called “Automatically process meeting requests…” which when unchecked will disable meeting requests from being added to the only available calendar. Unfortunate side effect, it’s also disabled for events sent to the Office 365 email account which I do want to show up on that calendar.

Outlook Settings

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