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Icom F5061

April 22, 2012

I reinstalled my Icom F5061 VHF land mobile radio this weekend. A big thanks to Paul for letting me use his garage and helping out with the mounting bracket that had to be modified to fit the space.

The 2012 JK has a small coin tray behind the shifters that is the perfect size for the Icom remote head. It also has a little rubber tray that sits in the bottom that will easily cover up the holes I drilled should I decide to remove it in the future.



I neglected to take many photos of this install but it involved removing the drivers seat to mount the radio. I used the rough side of adhesive velcro and just stuck it directly on the carpet. It made for a secure attachment without damaging the carpet or drilling any new holes. I ran 12 gauge zip line back to terminal 1 of the sPOD and connected everything securely. I used Anderson Powerpoles for the radio connection and ring terminals for the sPOD.


Finally one of my six sPOD switches has a job.

I have plans for a more permanent antenna solution but for now a mag mount will do the trick.

One final touch. In order to have the radio automatically switch on when I toggle power I needed to set “Power SW = Enable” and “Ignition SW = Inhibit”.
Icom Settings

  1. Travis permalink

    I have a few questions about that radio you may be able to answer for me. Does the built in speaker still work after you removed the faceplate so that you don’t need a external speaker. And can you lock out channels on the fly that you do not want to scan.

    Thanks Travis

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