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AeroForce Interceptor

April 14, 2012

When I ordered my sPOD I decided to get the model that had a cutout for installing a scan gauge. After hearing a few other JK owners complain about how prone the auto transmission is to overheating I thought it might be nice to monitor the temp (at least until I can install a transmission cooler). When ordering you can specify the LCD color you want and of course I picked green to match the sPOD switch color.

I should have waited on the gauge to arrive before installing the sPOD but as evident by my previous post I got impatient. Today I added the gauge to my already installed sPOD. Here is a photo of the unboxing. The unit comes nicely secured in a paperboard box with the cables and accessories underneath. This does a good job of protecting the screen. The paperwork claims that the unit ships with a silver replacement bezel but it was missing from my order. When I contacted the seller they informed me that they had stopped including it but would offer me free shipping if I ordered one. I suspect the black with chrome trim would look better in the JK anyway so I didn’t press the issue.


The install was fairly straight forward. Remove most of the same trim pieces as when installing the sPOD.





After installing the unit there were some basic setup instructions to follow. I picked a handful of parameters to scan and set the startup logo to Jeep. I also set a few warning thresholds for low battery voltage and high RPMs. Unfortunately the transmission temp doesn’t appear to work in the 2012 JK… oh well.


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