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April 1, 2012

Before I installed any other electronics in the Rubicon I wanted to make sure I built a framework for a clean wiring system. Based on very positive reviews from other JK owners I decided on the sPOD. The sPOD consists of a central wiring and circuitry box called the sPOD Source and an overhead mounting box containing 6 switches. The switches are connected to the sPOD Source via a single cable and all accessories are connected directly to the sPOD Source resulting in a cleaner installation and fewer cables coming into the cab.

I ordered my sPOD with all green switches and a hole for mounting an Aeroforce Gauge (future project). I was fortunate enough to get one of the new revisions that has the low voltage cut off built in. Previous revisions offered this as an add-on option. The LVCO protects you from a dead battery by killing power to accessories if the voltage drops below a certain threshold. The sPOD arrived after only a few days and the first thing I noticed was the remarkable quality and attention to detail. I did have an issue with one of the legs of the mounting bracket arriving slightly bent but it was easy enough to bend it back into place and I didn’t even bother contacting sPOD for support.

I started by mounting the sPOD Source. The instructions were very clear and I had the box mounted right next to the ECU in a few minutes using existing screws.


sPOD - Bracket

sPOD - Bracket

sPOD - Open

The overhead switch box was slightly more difficult. I removed the Freedom top for better access and then carefully disconnected the windshield trim according to the instructions that came with the sPOD. The instructions said that you MAY have to trim a small amount of material off of the windshield trim and in actuality I had to remove quite a bit. I cringed a little when dremmeling into the brand new plastic but the results were very clean.

sPOD - Windshield trim

After installing the switch box there was only a single cable to route to the sPOD Source. JKs have a convenient access port in the firewall that made this an easier task than on any other vehicle I’ve wired before.

sPOD - Firewall

The finished product. There is still a hole where the Aeroforce gauge goes but that will be the next project.

sPOD Switches


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