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AEV JK Heat Reduction Hood

April 1, 2012

On March 23rd a group of kids decided it would be a fun prank to jump up and down on a few of the neighborhood cars. Unfortunately my JK was one of the targets. As someone who dedicates hundreds of hours and over a thousand miles a year on my personally owned vehicle in support of King County 4×4 Search and Rescue, I find it absolutely crushing that there are members of the very same community who would do something like this to my vehicle that was clearly marked with KC SAR volunteer logos. The total damage for my vehicle alone came to just over $2000. The story was also covered by My Ballard and I gave a report for Q13 Fox.

Damaged Hood

It was originally pretty low on my list of upgrades but due to the fact that I’ll need to replace it anyway I’ve decided to go for the AEV JK Heat Reduction Hood. It has a much more aggressive look and can help keep the engine compartment a few degrees cooler. It also sets me up nicely for a snorkel if I decide to add one in the future.

This is still a project in progress and I won’t be doing the install myself. I’ll be working with Northridge 4×4 to order, paint, and install the AEV. I’ve also ordered lime green replacement Rubicon decals from

Until I get photos of my own feel free to drool over these…

Update 1:

After multiple delays with the AEV hood Northridge4x4 finally received their shipment. It took about a week to color match, paint, and install. I’m very happy with the results but want to swap the black mesh with the stainless. I also still need to apply my lime green Rubicon decals.


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