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New Workout

January 20, 2010

My trainer completely switched up my workout yesterday and it totally kicked my butt. I felt crappy yesterday but great this morning. Here is what I did.

Machine Chest Press
Machine Incline Chest Press
Machine Decline Chest Press
Machine Chest Flye
Machine Leg Press
Machine Calf Raise
Machine Leg Curl
Inclined Crunch
Inclined Reverse Crunch
Cable Seated Low Row
Hanging Abs
Lat Pulldown
Rear Deltoid on Chest Flye Machine (Must be a better name for this.)
Machine Leg Extensions (Quad Machine)

I also had a couple of rounds on the Stair Climber (looks like a little escalator) thrown in the mix.

I’m using the iPhone App iFitness to track my workout.  It lets you group all of your exercises into a routine then track which ones you’ve done and the weight/reps of each. This makes it much easier for me to remember how much weight I’m using between sessions.

(Disclaimer: I’m not a health professional. This information should not be used for anything. I will not be responsible for any injury or damage resulting from using or misusing this information.)


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