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Books for iPhone Development

January 16, 2010

Update 1/22/10: Added Building iPhone Apps with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

People learn differently.  I like to read technical manuals.  I mainly write C# apps for the .Net framework but have recently started to work on an iPhone app.  I’ve found these books helpful, maybe you will too.

Learn Objective-C on the Mac

This book teaches the basics of the Objective-C language used for writing iPhone and OS X apps. Advanced developers can probably skip this one or maybe just review the online tutorial provided by Apple.

Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X

Aaron’s book is considered the de-facto book for getting started in Cocoa programming. This book doesn’t directly talk about the iPhone but it gives you a solid core in the Cocoa frameworks.

The iPhone Developer’s Cookbook Second Edition

I love this one because it gives you lots of great examples.  I just picked up the second edition (rewritten for the 3.0 SDK) and it is literally twice as big as the first edition.  I’m looking forward to digging into the extra content.

Beginning iPhone 3 Development

Honestly I just received this book so I don’t have a good opinion of it yet.  I like “The… Cookbook” because it is more of a collection of references, I believe this one is going to be more of a traditional step-by-step guide to getting started.

Building iPhone Apps with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

All of the books so far have been concerned with native App development. If you want to look at creating an iPhone WebApp then check out this free book by Jonathan Stark.


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