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Getting Apple USB Ethernet adapter working with Windows 8.1

I found this helpful blog post that shows how to easily get an Apple USB Ethernet Adapter working in Windows. Just extract the driver from the Boot Camp support files.

Getting Apple USB Ethernet adapter working with Windows 8.1


Calendar issues when using Outlook with both an Office 365 / Exchange account and an IMAP account.

I’m a Microsoft Outlook user who typically has both a personal and a work email account connected to Outlook simultaneously. In the past, both of these accounts have been Office 365 or Exchange accounts and have cohabitated fairly well. Recently however, my work account switched from Office 365 to Google Apps and then the weirdness started.

First I should mention that (short of using the seemingly defunct ActiveSync connection at you can’t connect your Google Apps Calendar to Outlook. So sorry, thanks for playing. You can however enable IMAP and then connect just the email account. After doing so however, something strange started to happen. Every meeting invite I would receive would show up on my Office 365 calendar in addition to my Google Calendar (when viewed from the web or iPhone app of course since it wasn’t available in Outlook.)


In order to disable this behavior, I discovered an Outlook setting in “Outlook Options > Mail > Tracking” called “Automatically process meeting requests…” which when unchecked will disable meeting requests from being added to the only available calendar. Unfortunate side effect, it’s also disabled for events sent to the Office 365 email account which I do want to show up on that calendar.

Outlook Settings

KitchenAid Stand Mixer Service

After my wife’s KitchenAid Pro 600 Series stand mixer had been running for several years I noticed the sound wasn’t quite right. After a bit of research I came to the conclusion that it was time to replace the grease in the gears. It was a fairly simple (although messy) project that essentially consisted of disassembling the housing, using degreaser to remove the old grease, and repacking the gears with new grease. I used common bearing grease available at your local hardware store.

For help disassembling the housing, download the manual from the KitchenAid.

Mixer9Mixer3Mixer7Mixer6Mixer1 Mixer5  Mixer4  Mixer2  Mixer8

Icom F5061

I reinstalled my Icom F5061 VHF land mobile radio this weekend. A big thanks to Paul for letting me use his garage and helping out with the mounting bracket that had to be modified to fit the space.

The 2012 JK has a small coin tray behind the shifters that is the perfect size for the Icom remote head. It also has a little rubber tray that sits in the bottom that will easily cover up the holes I drilled should I decide to remove it in the future.



I neglected to take many photos of this install but it involved removing the drivers seat to mount the radio. I used the rough side of adhesive velcro and just stuck it directly on the carpet. It made for a secure attachment without damaging the carpet or drilling any new holes. I ran 12 gauge zip line back to terminal 1 of the sPOD and connected everything securely. I used Anderson Powerpoles for the radio connection and ring terminals for the sPOD.


Finally one of my six sPOD switches has a job.

I have plans for a more permanent antenna solution but for now a mag mount will do the trick.

One final touch. In order to have the radio automatically switch on when I toggle power I needed to set “Power SW = Enable” and “Ignition SW = Inhibit”.
Icom Settings

Mopar Accessories

Just a few little add-ons from the Mopar catalog.

Locking Gas Cap (keyed to ignition key)

Hood Lock (keyed to ignition key)


Door Seal Guards

AeroForce Interceptor

When I ordered my sPOD I decided to get the model that had a cutout for installing a scan gauge. After hearing a few other JK owners complain about how prone the auto transmission is to overheating I thought it might be nice to monitor the temp (at least until I can install a transmission cooler). When ordering you can specify the LCD color you want and of course I picked green to match the sPOD switch color.

I should have waited on the gauge to arrive before installing the sPOD but as evident by my previous post I got impatient. Today I added the gauge to my already installed sPOD. Here is a photo of the unboxing. The unit comes nicely secured in a paperboard box with the cables and accessories underneath. This does a good job of protecting the screen. The paperwork claims that the unit ships with a silver replacement bezel but it was missing from my order. When I contacted the seller they informed me that they had stopped including it but would offer me free shipping if I ordered one. I suspect the black with chrome trim would look better in the JK anyway so I didn’t press the issue.


The install was fairly straight forward. Remove most of the same trim pieces as when installing the sPOD.





After installing the unit there were some basic setup instructions to follow. I picked a handful of parameters to scan and set the startup logo to Jeep. I also set a few warning thresholds for low battery voltage and high RPMs. Unfortunately the transmission temp doesn’t appear to work in the 2012 JK… oh well.


AEV JK Heat Reduction Hood

On March 23rd a group of kids decided it would be a fun prank to jump up and down on a few of the neighborhood cars. Unfortunately my JK was one of the targets. As someone who dedicates hundreds of hours and over a thousand miles a year on my personally owned vehicle in support of King County 4×4 Search and Rescue, I find it absolutely crushing that there are members of the very same community who would do something like this to my vehicle that was clearly marked with KC SAR volunteer logos. The total damage for my vehicle alone came to just over $2000. The story was also covered by My Ballard and I gave a report for Q13 Fox.

Damaged Hood

It was originally pretty low on my list of upgrades but due to the fact that I’ll need to replace it anyway I’ve decided to go for the AEV JK Heat Reduction Hood. It has a much more aggressive look and can help keep the engine compartment a few degrees cooler. It also sets me up nicely for a snorkel if I decide to add one in the future.

This is still a project in progress and I won’t be doing the install myself. I’ll be working with Northridge 4×4 to order, paint, and install the AEV. I’ve also ordered lime green replacement Rubicon decals from

Until I get photos of my own feel free to drool over these…

Update 1:

After multiple delays with the AEV hood Northridge4x4 finally received their shipment. It took about a week to color match, paint, and install. I’m very happy with the results but want to swap the black mesh with the stainless. I also still need to apply my lime green Rubicon decals.



Before I installed any other electronics in the Rubicon I wanted to make sure I built a framework for a clean wiring system. Based on very positive reviews from other JK owners I decided on the sPOD. The sPOD consists of a central wiring and circuitry box called the sPOD Source and an overhead mounting box containing 6 switches. The switches are connected to the sPOD Source via a single cable and all accessories are connected directly to the sPOD Source resulting in a cleaner installation and fewer cables coming into the cab.

I ordered my sPOD with all green switches and a hole for mounting an Aeroforce Gauge (future project). I was fortunate enough to get one of the new revisions that has the low voltage cut off built in. Previous revisions offered this as an add-on option. The LVCO protects you from a dead battery by killing power to accessories if the voltage drops below a certain threshold. The sPOD arrived after only a few days and the first thing I noticed was the remarkable quality and attention to detail. I did have an issue with one of the legs of the mounting bracket arriving slightly bent but it was easy enough to bend it back into place and I didn’t even bother contacting sPOD for support.

I started by mounting the sPOD Source. The instructions were very clear and I had the box mounted right next to the ECU in a few minutes using existing screws.


sPOD - Bracket

sPOD - Bracket

sPOD - Open

The overhead switch box was slightly more difficult. I removed the Freedom top for better access and then carefully disconnected the windshield trim according to the instructions that came with the sPOD. The instructions said that you MAY have to trim a small amount of material off of the windshield trim and in actuality I had to remove quite a bit. I cringed a little when dremmeling into the brand new plastic but the results were very clean.

sPOD - Windshield trim

After installing the switch box there was only a single cable to route to the sPOD Source. JKs have a convenient access port in the firewall that made this an easier task than on any other vehicle I’ve wired before.

sPOD - Firewall

The finished product. There is still a hole where the Aeroforce gauge goes but that will be the next project.

sPOD Switches

2012 JK Project

This week I traded my ’02 Jeep Liberty with 117K miles in for a brand new 2012 Black Forest Green JK Rubicon Unlimited. Today she is bone stock and I plan to start an ongoing series of posts to track the mods and accessories as I build her into an off-road machine.

Bonal & Rye

I was looking for a cocktail that would feature the Bonal and Bulleit Rye I had and stumbled across this article on I didn’t have any Cointreau so I substituted Grand Mariner.

  • 2 ounces rye whiskey
  • 1 ounce Bonal Gentiane-Quina
  • 1/2 ounce Grand Mariner
  • 2 dashes orange bitters (I used my home made Orange Bitters.)
  • 1 dash Angostura bitters
  • — Orange twist, for garnish